The iPhone 8 may not be the newest model available from Apple, but it might be the one you want. If you already own an iPhone 8, perhaps you have been thinking about trading it in for cash. Were you going to buy the iPhone X? It’s not that the iPhone X isn’t a good phone. It’s just a little expensive, and sales have been lackluster. Not everyone is on board with paying that kind of money for an upgrade that isn’t really worth the extra money, or is it?

Apple iphone 8 over iphone x

Think About All Your Options

If you think that it is worth it to get an iPhone X, then you can certainly get the trade in value for your iPhone 8. Or perhaps you don’t currently own an iPhone 8, and you’re thinking about buying one instead of the X. You can do that for sure, and they are cheaper. Look at the prices on different sites for picking up one of these phones for much less than you would pay for the iPhone X.

Apple is going to be very cautious about the release of its next phone. You can bet that they are going to take a little time, and the company is sure to beat what they have done with the iPhone X. Considering what all has happened in regards to the public reception and perception of the iPhone X, it might be a good idea to hold off and just use an iPhone 8. It should last you just fine until Apple releases its newest phone later on.

Skip the Upgrade

Otherwise, you’re going to be paying $1000 for the new iPhone X, unless you can find a different deal out there. Most people don’t want to chase the newest model of the iPhone every time the company releases one. It can get quite expensive, and so you have to pick and choose when you’re going to upgrade, right? So what I’m saying is this might be the perfect opportunity to skip an upgrade and catch the next train. If Apple ever disappointed on a phone, it was with the iPhone X.

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Of course, there is nothing disappointing about the phone. It is actually the best phone the company has ever released. Yet you don’t have to chase the phone if it’s not in your budget. The iPhone 8 is a great phone, too. Apple has recently been in the news about how it slows its older phones down, but you have to realize that the iPhone 8 isn’t that old. If you were still using one of the older iPhones, then maybe it’s time to upgrade. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy the iPhone X.

We live in a world where everyone seems to want the latest technology, right when it’s released. If you were feeling the pressure to buy the iPhone X and keep up with the Joneses, maybe reading this article helped. Holding the iPhone 8 in the palm of your hand would be just fine for now if you ask me.